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What is the Open Market Option?

The Open Market Option allows you to explore a number of alternative annuity providers who maybe able to offer you significantly better terms than your existing pension provider.

If you decided to explore the ‘open market annuity option’, our team of annuity specialists, are able to use bespoke research tools to search a range of annuity options and providers for you. We will provide you with the best annuity terms and ultimately the best income for you.

We also have access to a number of niche providers who can enhance your annuity income that factor in lifestyle conditions and medical history. These specialist providers van usually increase the income offered compared with traditional insurance companies.

What if I have a number of Pensions?

Many of our customers have built up pension benefits from a number of different providers over the years, and if you are close to retirement the paper trail can mount up considerably. This can make the process seem quite daunting and your current providers do not always explain your annuity options clearly.

As a result of this, customers can find that they receive income from each of the pension providers on an individual basis. Having the income paid on an individual basis from your existing providers can have an impact on the total amount of income you receive and also when you receive it each month.

This is another important factor we consider as we appreciate that your income needs to be paid to suit you, and not the pension provider, and receiving the income at different times of the month may leave you short of income while you wait for the next payment to arrive.

Our annuity advisers will ensure this does not happen by taking care of the paperwork for you. They will structure your annuity so that you receive the income as one combined payment so you know what you will be receiving each and every month, as apposed to receiving smaller amounts of money from each of your plans individually. This allows you to make your retirement plans more clear and allows you to enjoy your retirement rather than worrying about your income.

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