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Enhanced Annuities

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Enhanced Annuities (Medway / Kent)

Factors Affecting Enhanced Annuities

There are a number of factors and scenarios that may result in you being able to benefit from enhanced annuity terms. These enhancements can apply if you are taking any medication for a current or pre existing medical condition, or if you are a smoker currently, or have previously been in the past. These factors can significantly enhanced the annuity terms available to you which will increase the amount of income you can receive from your annuity.

The amount of enhancement, if any, will vary from person to person and requires your application to be medically underwritten. There is no charge for this and we will contact a number of providers on your behalf to get the highest income possible.

No matter how minor the condition is, you may still be eligible for potential enhancements on your annuity, so please do ask us and we will be happy to check this for you. This also applies to any spouses or partners that you wish to include within the annuity, as any conditions they have may have will also increase the income you receive from your annuity.

Serious Ill Health Options

If you are unfortunate enough to be living with a life threatening condition or have been diagnosed as terminally ill you may be able to commute all of your pension fund into a 100% tax free lump sum.

If you think you may be eligible for this please call us for a brief discussion.


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