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We can review your current Isa’s and assess how the have performed for you. we will review your current investment funds to assess how they fit within your individual investment profile. We will also advise you on how you can utilize your ISA allowances each year to ensure your investments grow free of tax.

You may also wish to explore the option of using a fund platform which will provide you with a simplified approach to investing and managing your holdings in one place.

General Investment Funds

These are very similar to ISA’s but do not have the same level of tax benefits on gains or income. There is no limit to how much you can invest and there are potentially thousands of funds which could be considered. Certain capital gains may well be free of tax if they are below your annual allowance and you have no other gains arising elsewhere.

Investment Linked Bonds

Many insurance companies offer investment bonds which are classed as single premium insurance policies. Often there is a very wide range of investment funds to choose from, either managed by the company itself or those managed by other investment houses that are available within the providers range of funds. Withdrawals of up to 5% per annum of your original investment be taken over 20 years. The HMRC deems this to be a return of capital. Internal taxation of the funds ensure that basic rate tax payers have no further liability to income tax or capital gains tax.

Offshore Investments

Are very similar to investment linked bonds but in a jurisdiction outside of the UK. Unless you are a non-resident or expect to be, then there are less advantages for the investor. Returns are rolled up gross but some of this can be offset by higher charges reflecting the extra cost of an offshore investment. Let us guide you further if you have any queries.

Structured Products

A less familiar investment, but one which has been attractive to investors during times of volatile markets. They are issued by banks for a fixed or variable term and pay either capital gain or income. Some plans do not need the ‘market’ to grow to produce the returns and a few even pay positive returns when the market has fallen. Another attractive feature is that they protect your capital even if the ‘market’ has fallen by up to 50%. However in the event the bank fails, then you could lose some or all of your money. These plans can be held within an ISA.


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