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Investment Fund Platforms are now a popular choice for clients who have a mixture of ISAs and General Investment funds.

The platforms are designed to offer you a wide selection of funds that can be accessed in one place. This provides you with a simplified approach to investing and reduces the need to hold individual investments with individual fund managers.

The platforms will allow any existing ISA’s and other General Investments you currently hold to be transferred to them quickly and efficiently. This also ensures any current ISA status is preserved.

Another added benefit of funds being purchased and held on a fund platform is that you can benefit from a reduction in the annual management charges of any funds purchased, which is commonly known as ‘clean share pricing’.

The fund platforms offer very efficient client functionality ensuring you can view your current holdings at any time. They will also allow you to make withdrawals quickly and efficiently should any short term cash flow emergences arise in the future.

The fund platforms functionality allows us to switch any monies held within your General Investment account to your ISA which ensures your are utilizing your ISA allowances annually and benefiting from the tax efficiency offered by ISA’s. This is all part of the service we provide to our clients.


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